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Clemens Custom Woodworking - Customer Reviews
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45) Provence 
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8-25-2020 02:19 PM

Steve is an absolutely amazing wood worker. He has built several custom pieces of built-in cabinets and shelving units at our home and he always does outstanding work. Everything he does from start to finish is absolutely first rate. He shows up on time everyday, does his on site work, cleans up everything very good and finishes by the date he gives you. The quality of his work is simply amazing.
We will never hire another custom woodworker as long as Steve doesn't ever retire. He is the only contractor I would leave alone in my home and feel comfortable that nothing would be missing when I returned. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest I would give him a 20 he is awesome.
44) N Estberg 
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1-31-2020 04:03 PM

Steve is a consummate professional, in every respect. He conducts himself in a pleasant professional manner, is on time, clear, straight forward and friendly. His design and woodworking skills are top notch, "old school" would come to mind. Hand made with ruler diagrams, that look as profession as something from autoCAD. He delivered on the project exactly as we had discussed and designed, and within the time period discussed. If you need some professional and custom entertainment center, bookshelf, etc. wood working done, you have come to the right place.

I will look no further for any of my future projects.

Thanks again!

-N. Estberg
43) Raul and Chris 
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9-2-2017 06:22 PM

What a pleasure to find a “Master Craftsman”, someone who builds to perfection! Steve Clemens is just such a man. We were so pleased with the entertainment center and alcove he built for us. Steve is so easy to work with, patient and kind, listening to our ideas and offering expert suggestions. He provided detailed drawings and reviewed our choice of moldings until we were completed satisfied. It’s fascinating to watch him work, working his craft like daVinci painting the Mona Lisa. Steve loves his work and it’s a WIN-WIN for his customers!
42) Monica D 
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2-24-2017 08:49 PM

Steve and David were incredible! From our first encounter with Steve, we were sold! He completely understood the vision we had, and worked diligently with us to make our home look exactly how we wanted! Throughout the installation process, we were blown away by how meticulous and precise they were with everything they did. The quality of their work is truly fabulous. We are so so happy with our unit. 5-star work and people! We couldn't recommend them more highly. Thank you guys!!!
41) Brenda C 
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12-13-2016 02:24 AM

We are extremely happy with our built in entertainment center. Steve is very professional, does excellent work, and is very timely. We highly recommend Clemens Custom Workworking!
40) Evelyn Cox 
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11-16-2016 09:30 PM

I couldn't be happier with my custom entertainment center! He did a wonderful job. It looks even better than I had imagined, transformed my whole family room.
39) Linda Ford 
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10-7-2016 02:06 AM

I have never been so pleased to work with someone as Steve. He was precise, a true professional, and his work is pure quality. You ask him to build somethings, he plans it out, brings it back for you to give your approval and he does it exactly as you requested. I will be using him for any projects in the future where I want quality workmanship.
38) James D 
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8-22-2016 10:07 PM

Just had Steve and his son come out to build/install some shelves for us. Great craftsmanship. Excellent attention to detail. He was even able to match the stain to our shutters perfectly. We get plenty of compliments every time we show the cabinets off. Install was done in a timely manner. Steve was very professional and patient. We showed him a picture of what we wanted and he created it SPOT ON! Thanks again Steve!
37) Dan Ayars 
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4-1-2016 12:04 AM

A true professional that does an outstanding job from start to finish. My wife and I could not be happier with the quality work and an all around great guy. Steve is the man for your custom woodwork needs. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed !!!
36) Rose M 
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2-28-2016 03:34 AM

This is the second project I asked Steve to do in our home. Last October, he had built cabinet and shelves in our family room media niches. They turned out beautiful and are very suited for my needs. Therefore I was happy to call him again for the cabinets, shelves and desk I wanted in the den. This project turned out even better if that is possible. The project was completely installed yesterday and I am so happy. I can't recommend Steve highly enough!!!
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